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Large round glass bottle for reed diffusing!  Includes a set of 10 reeds.  The glass bottle measures 4 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall and can hold up to 8oz of oil, though you only need 2-4oz of the oil for diffusing.




Directions for use:


You will need to blend your favorite essential oil with a carrier oil (I recommend coconut oil) with a ratio of 80% carrier oil to 20% essential oil (depending on how light or potent you want your scent). Blend it well.


Pour 2-4oz of your oil into the bottle.



Insert your reeds and spread out the tips.


Enjoy your scented air as the oil is drawn up through the reeds!


I do carry several ready-to-use reed diffusing oil in 2oz. bottles, too!

Round Glass Reed Diffuser Bottle Set w/ Reeds Large 8oz

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