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I’m Tamra Harrington, aka the “BohippianFinch” and I'll be your photographer for today. I’ve spent decades working with different aspects of the photography industry from pro-lab to design to photography itself. I’ve always enjoyed capturing that perfect (or imperfect) moment.

I specialize in professional photography services for your portraits, small events, specialty photos and more.  My photography style is very casual, rustic and mellow.  I love soft and natural photography.  I don't use flash or harsh lighting, even indoors.  Take a look at my portfolio to see photography I've done and contact me for your free consultation.


I’m looking forward to being YOUR photographer!

my studio

My studio is located in Princeton, Wisconsin.  I offer in-studio sessions for portraits, but I also use my studio to photograph stock photography and photographic art prints.  I do all of my packing of photographic prints that I have on hand here as well.  It's my favorite place to be when I can't be out on the road with the camera!

I have a variety of different backdrops, props and options for in-studio sittings and am always working to come up with new ideas to be different, too.  My backdrops were specially chosen by me to work well in color but also convert to black and white nicely.

Whether you're looking for something rustic, contemporary or soft, I've got a backdrop for that!

contact me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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