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Nana's Tattoo Eeze - all natural handcrafted beeswax & hemp seed oil tattoo aftercare balm by the BohippianFinch - it's what your grandma would use!  No fake stuff added - no dyes, no perfumes, no synthetics, just good all-natural balm.  1/2 ounce easy-to-apply cardboard tube - just rub it onto your tattoo!


Ingredients:  Beeswax and Hemp Seed Oil


Each balm comes safety sealed and includes a care card.  Handcrafted with love in Pine River, Wisconsin.  Show your tattoos some love ...


Because these are hand poured, the actual product amount may vary.


Directions:  Apply lightly to the tattoo and skin around it (don't press too hard).  Use sparingly because a little goes a long way!  Use as needed.


Care of your balm:


Store in a cool, dry area.
Keep away from heat (this will melt the butter).
Wash your hands before applying the balm to your skin to avoid contamination of the butter.

Nana's Tattoo Eeze All Natural Beeswax & Hemp Seed Oil Tattoo Aftercare Balm

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