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All natural handcrafted Australian Sandalwood Beeswax scented candle with safflower bits and our own handcrafted wooden wick we call the Woodwork Wick in our small 4oz tin.  This candle blends the all natural scent of beeswax with Australian Sandalwood resulting in a sweet woody smell reminding me of a campfire on the beach.


Our candles are all natural, locally sourced beeswax without any added synthetic fuels or oils.  Our Woodwork Wicks are handcrafted from locally sourced wood and are carefully designed to ensure the candles pool fully with the light crackling sound wood wick candles are known for.  We prime our wicks in beeswax, no ignition fuels are used.


These candles are hand-poured into tins and the actual candle amount may vary.  The tins are screw-top tins to keep your candle fresh. 


Burn time:
Small candles will have an 8 1/2 to 10 hour burn.


Igniting your wick:

Aim your flame at the base of the wick where the wood meets the wax, towards the center of the wood.  It will take several seconds for your wick to ignite!  This is just the nature of wooden wicks.  Allow your first burn to pool the entire diameter of the tin (which may take an hour or two).


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You may notice cracking of your beeswax candle after it has been snuffed and cooled.  This is not a flaw with the candle, but just the nature of pure beeswax candles!  Beeswax shrinks as it cools and on occasion if it is a bigger diameter candle and cools quickly, a crack may develop.  To avoid cracks, try using the candle in warmer areas of your home to allow for a more gradual cooling.  If cracks do occur, they will not interfere with the performance of the candle or wick.  With each burn, the wax will melt and fill the cracks while burning.  We opt to not use metal clips to hold our wicks.  When you get to the bottom 1/8" of wax, the wick will tip over and will snuff out.  However, if we used metal clips, you wouldn't be able to burn the bottom 1/4" of wax because of the height of the clip.


About our all-natural Woodwork Wick beeswax candles:

We custom handcraft each and every wooden wick we use in our candle creations.  Wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be found in a single tree.  Wooden wicks give off a crackle sound like a fireplace and burn more evenly and cleanly than cotton wicks.  Wooden wicks also make less soot than conventional wicks.


Why Beeswax?

•    Beeswax is all natural and a renewable resource
•    Beeswax candles emit a brighter, healthful light within the same spectrum as the sun
•    Beeswax candles contain negative ions that clean and purify the air to invigorate the body & soul
•    Beeswax candles burn longer and drip less
•    Beeswax candles naturally smell wonderful without adding synthetic oils or fragrance

Handcrafted Australian Sandalwood Beeswax Woodwork Wick Candle w/ Safflo Small

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