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All handcrafted natural beeswax and hemp seed oil base balm with coconut oil and natural aloe gel balm for your dog in an easy-to-apply 1/2 ounce tube!  Just a little goes a long way! 


The balm is nice and firm to allow you to rub your dog's paws across it without them dragging a glob with them!  It absorbs quickly into the skin while leaving a light protective layer without a waxy or greasy feel and NO greasy paw prints on the floor.  The color is green from the natural color of the hemp seed oil but does not color your furniture or floors, and it is all natural.  No synthetic dyes or perfumes!  It's been Koda tested & Koda approved!


Because each tube  is hand poured, the actual product amount may vary.  Each tube arrives sealed with a care card included.


Product:  Doggie Balm

Ingredients:  Beeswax, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Aloe Gel (from my own aloe plant)

Directions for use:


• Use your fingers to massage the balm into your furbaby’s area of concern – paw pads, outside of nose, tips of ears.
• You can also take your furbaby’s paw and rub it across the tube or rub the tube on the paw/ear/nose for easy application.
• Use as needed.
• Use within 1 year of opening.

All Natural Handcrafted Beeswax & Hemp Seed Oil Doggie Balm 1/2 oz Tube

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