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All natural handcrafted Sweet Dreams Beeswax scented wax melt with chamomile flower bits in flower and bee shapes.  This wax melt blends the all natural scent of beeswax with a blend of natural raw essential oils to create the smell of soothing chamomile. When blended with the beeswax it reminds me of a cup of lemon chamomile tea.


Because each set is hand poured, actual melt sizes may vary slightly.  Each set includes 6 melts.

Our wax melts are long lasting and lightly scented so they're not overpowering - all natural scents, no perfumes or synthetic fragrances!

Handcrafted Sweet Dreams Beeswax Wax Melts w/ Chamomile Bits Flowers & Bees

$6.50 Regular Price
$4.55Sale Price


    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.  The wax is all natural and non-toxic, but I imagine it could make a tummy ill if you eat a whole lot of it.
    • Do not melt unattended.
    • To use, add one or two wax melts to your warmer
    • Make sure you allow the wax to pool the entire diameter of the container with your 1st melt to ensure additional melts continue to pool correctly.
  • Wax melts ship next business day.

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