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Quality handcrafted hemp seed oils.  Our oil is cold pressed and filtered.  Great for moisturizing, DIY projects or as a carrier oil for your own essential oils.  


Hemp seed oil has a very muted natural nutty/earthy scent.   The color appears as a greenish color.

Directions for use:

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to create a topical serum
Add a couple drops to your bathwater for moisturizing
Rub a couple of drops into problem areas of your skin for moisturizing and anti-inflammation
Add a couple drops to your favorite candle, lotion, potion, wash or shampoo



Do not ingest (that means eat or drink).  It is completely non-toxic but I imagine you wouldn't feel very well if you downed a bottle of it.
For external use only.
Keep away from pets and children.
Use only as directed.

Handcrafted Hemp Seed Oil Carrier Oil .5 oz Glass Bottle w/Dropper

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