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NEW LOOK - SAME GREAT BUTTER!  Our handcrafted natural beeswax cutting board butter is blended with food grade mineral oil that contains Vitamin E in our large 4oz tin.   


We handpour each tin carefully and each tin has a screw-top lid that is safety sealed.   This board butter will condition your wooden cutting boards and charcuterie boards, keeping them hydrated and reducing splintering/cracking.  A well buttered board is a happy board!   Can also be used on wooden knife handles, wooden rolling pins, and other wooden kitchen utensils!


Each tin comes safety sealed and includes a care card.  Handcrafted with love in Princeton, Wisconsin.  Show your board some love ...


Because each tin is handpoured, the actual product amount may vary.


Product:  Board Butter
Ingredients:  Beeswax, Mineral Oil with Vitamin E

How often to apply?


It will depend on how often you are using/washing your wooden cutting board.  For daily use/wash, we recommend one treatment per week.  For occasional use/wash, we recommend one treatment per month.


Care of your beeswax board butter:


Store in a cool, dry area.
Keep away from heat (this will melt the butter).
Wash your hands before applying the butter to your board to avoid contamination of the butter.
Use within 2 years of opening.

All Natural Handcrafted Beeswax & Mineral Oil Board Butter Wood Wax Large Tin

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