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The Barmaker & the Picture Taker

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Camera adventures on the motorcycle together!

The Barmaker & the Picture Taker

Hi! I'm Tamra, the photographer of BohippianFinch Photography. Meet my boyfriend, Yozef, a retired bar maker. We met a year ago and have been together ever since. Both of us ride motorcycles and enjoy travelling. Before meeting each other, my travels consisted of solo camera trips for my work (after all, there's only so many pictures you can take in Princeton, Wisconsin). His was solo motorcycle camping trips all across the country.

This year, Yozef and I decided that we want to do this together. Him with his motorcycle camping/long distance rides and me with my cameras. I have my own Softail, but I'll be riding on the back of Yozef's Road King for this adventure. We did test it out back in June on a quick little 4-day jaunt up to the UP of Michigan. No camping involved, but I wore cameras all day every day while we explored. This time, we'll be heading from Wisconsin to a Westward direction somewhere up the Route 66 highway. Where we'll go from there .. who knows!!

I'm excited at the photo ops out there for sure! I'm looking for not only nature shots, but street scenes and 'Merica and all sorts of people we'll be meeting on the way. I'm also hoping to catch up with Peter Frank, the infamous Unicyclist making his way down Route 66 on behalf of the Harbor House. We got to meet him in our little hometown early on in his journey and I can't wait to chit chat and hear all of his stories when we catch up with him!

Our departure date is August 10th - I'll blog every chance we get!

Yozef has built an amazing trailer to accommodate all my photography gear plus our camping gear. It's almost ready to go! I hope you'll follow us on our camera adventure. It's the first time I'll be road-tripping that area of the country on the back of a bike wearing cameras. The pictures should be A-Maaa-Ziiiing!

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