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Home Soon!

Oh geez, what a week!! It's been hard to blog because of spotty cell service (thanks again US Cellular), but we've been slowly making our way home. We left Texas Wednesday morning. We got a little wet, but dried pretty quick.

We've been camping along the way. Yesterday we did the Pig Trail through the Ozarks which was AMAZING!

After coming out of the Pig Trail, we had planned on camping at a state campground, but as luck would have it, all the campgrounds were full due to rallies in the area. We were just lucky enough to nab a room at the Econo Lodge in Eureka Springs for the night!

Today's ride took us through the state of Missouri to just south of the Iowa border. We've set up camp, had some dinner and made a new friend even!

Tomorrow we're going to see how far we get, but looking at the map, we'll be home soon!!!

P.S. I've taken over 15,000 images and we're at about 7,000 miles ...

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