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The Universe Threw Us a Curveball... Steamboat Springs

So, as I was saying before, the Universe kind of does it's own thing and decides to shake things up a bit. Monday, we did our laundry and oil change and then left expecting to make it to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I will say the drive was going amazingly well and smooth, perfect temps, perfect scenery ... then BAM, just outside of Yampa, Colorado our back tire is flat. Ugh!!!!

But I gotta tell you, that was the perfect place for it to happen. Had it happened just an hour or so before, we'd have been in the thick of the mountains and could have sat there for hours! But, lucky for us, a guy named Saw was 10 minutes away from us. So out came Saw to load the bike onto his flatbed. Super awesome guy, friendly and funny as hell. And he knows everyone!

So Saw recommends we get the bike into Steamboat Power Sports in Steamboat Springs. So I start calling hotels there just to find everything booked! Wtf?? On a Monday night? Ugh!! I popped on to and was able to find one room at the Bristol Hotel in downtown Steamboat Springs. Thank God!! It was a bit pricey but what other options did we have?

So our now good friend Saw drove us and the bike all the way to Steamboat telling us his stories along the way. By the time he unloaded us at the hotel, we were all good buddies and parted ways with hugs.

We checked into the hotel, cute as can be, grabbed showers and ventured out to find dinner since the bike shop wouldn't be open until Tuesday.

We found a place called Johnny Be Good for a sandwich and I was right at home. My favorite icons were all over the place!!