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The Rocky Mountains

So Saturday morning we left our amazing Bunk-a-Biker hosts and set off for the Rockies. The riding temps were so much better and made for easy riding. We found a KOA in Montrose in the Black Canyon for a destination and just had a really good ride in.

We stopped at the store and grabbed some hot dogs and chili for dinner to cook at camp. We made it to the KOA, set-up camp, Yozef cooked up chili dogs that we shared with our neighbor and even treated ourselves to Ben & Jerry's ice cream from the camp store.

Sunday morning was a cold morning! It took awhile to get moving. Our plan was to do Independence pass out by Aspen. Looking at the weather forecast, it was going to be a nice, cool ride.

And what a beautiful ride it was!

The mountains are just amazing. I didn't know it until later, but I snapped 2,000 images on that ride!

We knew it was going to be another cold night in the 30s, so we made plans to stay at a motel in Leadville after the pass. We made it in later than expected. I needed to do laundry and Yozef needed to do an oil change, so Monday morning was spent washing clothes while Yozef changed the oil.

We headed out once again to go through more mountains wanting to get into Rocky Mountain National Park, but as you'll read in the next post, the Universe had other plans for us.

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