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Out of Utah Into Colorado

After leaving Hanksville Thursday morning, we were determined to get into Colorado and into cooler temps. Yozef arranged a Bunk-a-Biker for us just inside of Colorado so that was the goal.

We left early and rode through the canyons of Fry Canyon and into the 4 corners. The temps were pretty high but tolerable.

We made it to our BaB hosts, Karen & JD, who had water and air conditioned accommodations waiting for us. Karen even had a garden tub ready for me to take a bubble bath!

Another biker was also coming in for the night so Karen went out of her way to make us a hearty pasta dinner so by the time Daniel got in, we were ready to eat. And what a dinner it was!

We chit-chatted on the deck as the sun went down and we all retired. The next morning was coffee talk on the deck as the sun came up and we said our farewells to Daniel. Then JD invited us to stay another night offering to leave our trailer so that we could tour Mesa Verde and come back for dinner and sleep.

We did take him up on his offer and spent Friday in Mesa Verde. When we got back, Yozef grilled up burgers and more chit-chat on the deck until bedtime.

Saturday morning was our goodbye to Karen and JD, who are my family now and we will definitely keep in touch. We headed out to make our way further into Colorado in much better riding temps planning on getting into the mountains. More to come!

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