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The Barmaker's Homebuilt Trailer

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

And there you have it ... my man the Genius. Yozef built the monotrailer himself (with a little help from my ex-husband, yes, my ex-husband), with a built-in table for a top even. Yesterday was his test ride from Princeton to Pine River here in Wisconsin just to make sure ... plus I told him I wasn't getting on it until I felt like he thoroughly tested it!

Today I finished packing up the clothing/toiletry part of my gear. This weekend I'll be packing up all the camera gear. I got some wonderful advice and tips on the Facebook Motorcycle Camping Group on how to pack said gear so I'll have to show you all my new goodies from that!

He's so darned proud of himself, and so am I. You know, if he hadn't have met me, he wouldn't be needing a trailer, so just the fact that he built this to make sure all my stuff could go with me says a lot about that man :)

So, if you see this bike, with this trailer, with this sexy beast on it (cool it ladies, he's all mine) with a short girl on the back wearing cameras around her neck, holler at us! I'd love to take your picture!!

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