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That was a long and HOT day

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

And did I mention hot??? The heat index today reached 105 when we were thereabouts in Iowa.

We had to stop in Dyersville to fix the flange on the trailer. Boy did we luck out!

We were able to find a small metal shop in town that was fantastic in helping us. Josh at Ellis Welding & Fabrication was able to get us right in, fixed up our trailer and we were back on the road safely. I cannot thank him enough! So bikers running the Great River Road through Iowa, if you ever have a problem with your tow-behind and you're in that area, call him up - helluva great guy!

We made it to New London where we were able to find a Bunk-a-Biker to host us for the night, too. What an amazing family they are! Instead of popping a tent in this heat with weather rolling in, we've got a nice air conditioned place to lay our heads to recover from the heat. Oh, and I forgot to mention Yozef getting stung by a bee, twice, today. So I'll listen to him complain about that a little more too LOL

I took about 1,200 images today from the road. I also sold a print from my shop so that was exciting, too. I figured once I left home that would happen, since that's what always happens!

So now, we're finally getting to go get some sleep so we can start early in the morning and are hoping to find a campsite on a lake and perhaps take an afternoon off to cool off with a swim since it's going to be another scorcher tomorrow! I'm trying to get Yozef to write on the blog all of the details about that homebuilt trailer of his because everywhere we stop people are asking him about it!

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