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Lewis & Clark Scenic Trail into Washington State

Sunday was another hot hot day working our way out of Hell's Canyon and finally crossing in to Washington State. I guess I had envisioned the state of Washington to be all green and forest so imagine my surprise to see it's not entirely what I envisioned LOL

We rode the Lewis & Clark Scenic Highway all day with the full sun just roasting us. Lots of water breaks when there was shade to be found. We knew there was a state park we could camp in for the night near Dayton, Washington, but getting there felt like forever in that heat.

Finally that afternoon we rolled into the Lewis & Clark Trail State Park. It's a very pretty park, well maintained and thick woods with a river running through it. I myself, was looking forward to a hot shower as soon as it cooled off a bit, but ... the showers required quarters. Which is usually ok, however, we only had 2 quarters and there was no change machine. Fml!!

But, beggars can't be choosers. We walked down to the river to cool off in the water, getting a nice birdbath to clean up before calling it a night. We were only 5 miles from town so Yozef was even able to ride into town to pick up a steak and root beer. He fried it on our camp stove and had a nice little picnic dinner before bed.

I was exhausted so not long after eating my fill, it was all I could do to crawl into the tent and close my eyes.

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