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It's Route 66!

So we made it to Route 66 yesterday, FINALLY! We had an awesome day of smooth sailing, bright sunshiny day. We made it down to Rolla where we got onto Route 66 and rode through to Baxter Springs, Kansas for the night. So far we've come 1,119 miles since leaving Princeton, Wisconsin last Tuesday.

Now, today's plan is to continue on Route 66 from Baxter Springs, Kansas for a little bit. I think today, though, we may venture away from Route 66 and go north of Tulsa and Oklahoma City and see some scenery up there for a bit. Not sure if we'll be Bunk-a-Biking, Camping or Moteling it tonight, but we shall see!

As for pictures, yesterday was the first real day in several days I was able to do some real images. I can't lie, it's been a bit frustrating with the weather and low-light. But I'm happy to report that the pictures are finally coming!

Once we get out west more, there will be more opportunity for nostalgia and relics of days gone past on Route 66, and I can't wait!!

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