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Our day started in Gillette, Wyoming I had gotten an oil change and then took off on the bike towards Devil's Tower. We knew of a event happening in Hulett Wyoming (Ham & Jam). A tiny little town that promoted free food and music to draw bikers from Sturgis. The tiny town had become to bustle with thousands of motorcycles riding through Main Street.

We found a beautiful little Campground right on Main Street overlooking the motorcycles passing by. We set up camp and proceeded to watch motorcycles pass and watch the fuel station with lines of motorcycles waiting to fill up their gas tanks interesting it was quite a show and we had a front row seat

From Gillette we had only ridden about 60 miles to Hulett, which gave us an early start to setting up camp. We spent the day relaxing and enjoying the Roaring Thunder of motorcycles passing our Campground. Though in the evening right around 5:00 it became remarkably quiet with almost no motorcycles by bedtime it traffic in this little town had ended and we had an amazing night sleep. Tomorrow into Montana and well, we really don't know... that's the whole idea the no plan plan with no place to go and all day to get there.

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