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Craters of the Moon & KOA Adventures

We knew it was going to be a HOT one the Wednesday. Before we left Jackson, we found a KOA park in Arco that's close to Craters, so we reserved a spot and hit the road early.

It was actually a pretty cold morning so I wore my leather and gloves at the start, but within a few hours the heat hit! When it was full-on, we were on a stretch that had absolutely nothing! So we rode miles with the sun beating on us, it was miserable!

Finally about 30 miles from Arco there was a rest area with shade and I was never so happy to see shade in my life! I laid down on the cool concrete and didn't ever want to get up. But we had to. After hydration and pep talks, we got back on the bike and road on in to the KOA in Arco.

What a KOA it was, too! The staff were beyond nice, the site had a pool, cold beer, waffles for breakfast and ice cream at night. Yozef was in heaven cooling off in the pool!

Our initial plan was to head out to Craters and then continue North Thursday, but Yozef suggested we stay in Arco a second day. Who was I to argue? Not many pools in the middle of the desert!

So Wednesday we set up camp, indulged in ice cream and swimming, hot showers and I even had me a beer while we chit-chatted with campers and staff. It was heaven!

Thursday morning we got up early so we could tour Craters of the Moon in the coolness of the morning before the extreme heat came. We indulged in delicious waffles and coffee then headed to the park. Craters was like another planet! Lava Flows, volcanic rock, truly amazing! And the rangers are awesome there!