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Yes, it's been several days!

So it's been a few days since we've been able to blog. Let me tell you - it's just been WAY too hot! We spent 4 days riding in 100+ degree weather. Talk about BRUTAL! We spent two days riding through Texas. We got off of Route 66 after El Reno to make our way to a state campground in the great plains. We made it to Caprock Canyons State Park in the heat of the day. All we could do is sit in the shaded spot of our site until the sun started to go down. While we were there, our neighbor across from us offered me an ice cold beer. Oh my gawd - my angel!!! It wasn't the beer I typically drink but let me tell you that beer was the BEST tasting beer I've ever had.

If you're ever out this way in Texas, I highly recommend this campground if you're a nature enthusiast. There are wild Bison that roam freely in and around the campground. What magnificent beasts!

So we stayed at the campground Thursday night and headed on to New Mexico Firday morning. Again, 100+ degree weather. We made our way to Lake Sumner in New Mexico and was able to get a campsite with partial shade. When we arrived there, there was only one other group of campers in a tent. Two sisters that were from the area. Not long after we arrived and set up camp, numerous other weekend campers pulled in and filled up the grounds pretty good. It was still brutally hot until the sun went down. But oh what amazing sunset when the sun did go down! It was a nice cool night and the sunrise we woke up to was even better!

There was just something so awesome to watch the sun come up over the desert so far from home, but at the same time I missed home.

After packing up camp we continued on through New Mexico towards Albuquerque where we found a campground. The temps were pretty hot themselves, but we had a wind coming across that kept us cooler than the previous days. What a relief!

We got to Turquoise Trails Campground just outside of Albuquerque Saturday afternoon and got our camp set up. We decided that we would spend two days here, so today is Sunday and we're still here!

It's a beautiful area, we're surrounded by mountains and trees. Last night was a nice cool night which was refreshing. Today we ventured to Albuquerque so that Yozef could do a quick oil change and I could wash up my laundry. I was finally able to work a little last night and again today. So far I've taken about 4,000 pictures and we've come about 2,200 miles from home.

Tomorrow's plan is to pack up camp and start heading northwest to Colorado. We'd love it if we make it to Colorado, but it's over 200 miles and in the kind of heat we've had not sure we'll make it!

We'll see what tomorrow brings - it's a new week and will be day 14 on the road!

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