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Yellowstone Adventures

After a much needed rest in Cody, we headed in to Yellowstone on Monday the 14th. I'm so glad we waited to go because apparently Yellowstone got drenched on Saturday!

We were able to get a site at the Bridge Bay Campground a bit early so we got camp set up and then went on to do some riding around the park. It's quite huge, I had no idea. I also had no idea that it would be so much more beautiful than I'd seen in pictures.

Our Sunday Funday adventures brought us to the Bison. I gotta admit that it was quite intimidating for them to be so close! We spent a lot of time sitting and waiting for them to cross the road. Sunday was a short adventure and we went back to camp, fixed dinner and called it a night.

Monday morning was a cold morning! We knew it was going to get into the 40's but holy hell! Even with bundling up it was hard to keep warm! We had planned to get an early start but by the time we got warmed up with coffee and sunshine it was pushing 10am.

We did eventually head out, though! I had picked out a couple of spots I wanted to shoot at because Ansel Adams had shot at those same locations. We made it to several hot springs including Mammoth, a few geysers and of course, more Buffalo.

And let me tell you about an encounter with a bull!

On Monday morning we set off to head to Mammoth encountering the Bison herd as is typical. This time the traffic was lighter, and we were behind another couple on their motorcycle. About midway through, a bull started to cross on the road in front of the other motorcycle. They stopped to let it cross, but get this! The bull stopped crossing and instead started walking straight up to the motorcycle in front of us! Not just walking at it, but getting a bit aggressive at it like it was challenging the motorcycle, it was nuts! I've gotta hand it to the biker, he stayed calm, cool and collected.

Eventually the bull passed them, walked by us and we were able to go forward out of harms way. What a close call!

The rest of the day was amazing adventures at the hot springs, waterfalls and geysers. I can't wait to see the pictures!

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