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The big crater

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Started off the day riding through Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. It was a beautiful day with a far-off rain that we were approaching it seems quite distance but I felt as though we were going to get drenched with a massive downpour, of course the rain continued East and we headed west. Got a light rain on us to cool us off that was wonderful the day became quite hot continuing towards Monument Valley.

During the ride we had gone through some amazing Canyons and the road was amazingly smooth as we approached exiting Canyons the road changed and we ran into some massive potholes almost Canyon like witch had Twisted the rear hitch on the trailer and the fender had to be retrofit with wire to stay tight. I was unsure as to how compromised the trailer hitch and trailer was we continued on and stopped at a gas station to analyze the situation. We stopped under a shade tree and I looked under both arms holding the hitch had gotten twisted but amazingly uniformly and kept the trailer Square to the bike as I tinkered I noticed that all was tight and still secure. It was a bit stressful but the trailer Still Road straight and we ended up coming to Monument Valley which is an amazing location to visit.

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