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Rolling Into Seaside

We left the comforts of our BaB Tuesday morning to head to the Oregon coast. What a difference after several 100 degree days! By the time we got into Seaside Tuesday night it was about 65 out.

We found a hotel for the night right on the beach and were able to grab a hot shower. After getting cleaned up we walked down to the main drag and found a nice steakhouse to grab dinner. On the way there we passed several performers and artists working for tips. One older guy had created the most awesome sand sculpture in honor of veterans.

Pretty cool to see I must say.

By the time we finished dinner, it was down right cold. We got back to the hotel, turned on a bit of heat and crashed for the night.

Wednesday morning we planned to continue down 101 through the coast, but had to stop in at a laundromat to get caught up on laundry first (fun fun - just kidding). But while we were there we met a woman, Judy, who had amazing stories of her travels with her husband on his motorcycle. Sadly, her husband passed in 2005 in a motorcycle accident. I was both happy and sad to hear her story and hugged her before we left.

Then, we made our way down the coast, realizing that finding a campground may be harder than we anticipated. Luckily, Barview Jetty campground near Tillamook had some beachside sites left and we were able to nab one. So we set up camp, fixed dinner from some garlic noodles and a can of chicken and listened to the ocean. During the night the fog andist were thick, so our wake-up was pretty wet! Not just wet, but also sandy LOL. It was interesting to pack up while trying to avoid taking all the wet sand with!

We managed to get all packed and on the road to continue our was south. There were several stops where we looked for whales and seals, but they are still alluding us LOL

We ended Thursday at a little coastal town, Yachats. Our motel was the most adorable little motel I've ever seen. It's called the Yatel, and I highly recommend a stay here!

More to come!

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