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Perfect Ending ....

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I am happy to report that we finally made it to Route 66 today. After several days of nothing but whether to the South, we had a bright sunshiny clear day. I don't know how many pictures I took today, but I'm pretty sure it's probably close to a thousand.

We left from the Osage Campground outside of Jefferson City, MO this morning around 9 a.m., and made our way south towards Rolla to meet up with Route 66.

We Road Route 66 until we got to Springfield Missouri, and then departed our path to make our way towards the campground in Baxter Missouri.

We were lucky that we were able to get a campsite here, which is where we're making home tonight. For dinner there is a little restaurant / Country Store just outside of the campground called Millie Joes. We met some awesome people, this is the kind of place where they treat you like family and I absolutely love it! I can go there everyday.

The last few days have actually been quite the adventure of the people that we've met. We ended up in a Casey's General Store out in the middle of nowhere just outside of Carrollton Missouri where we had to gas up after leaving Chillicothe oh, and the most amazing thing happened!

When we went to slide or card in order to pay for gas, this guy named Chuck came out of the store and told us at all the credit card machines were down. But then he said that a trucker woman who had been through the area had paid it forward and left money to buy gas for the next to customers, which we were one of. So thank you to whomever you are lady truck driver, I am very much a pay-it-forward person myself and will continue to pay it forward because of people like you. We also meant a Santa Claus looking fellow that fell in love Yosef's trailer, SO I chatted with him for a bit while Yozef's ear was getting to it off by another biker that he met at the pump. We didn't even stop for gas LOL we just took a break to figure out where we were and these people are just around us. EVERYTHING happens at the Casey's!

So today we met our goal of finally meeting up with Route 66, found a place to call home for the night on a beautiful Lake, met some more fantastic people, seems like we have some awesome neighbors, and I am so ready for bed at this point. We will see you where tomorrow's Adventures take us

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