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It's a Rough Road, But a Girl's Gotta Earn a Living

Oh boy, where do I even start? Let me just say there is nothing glamorous about motorcycle camping. Since leaving on August 10, we've put on 2,748 miles motorcycle touring south and southwest. We've gone through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Today, we are in Flagstaff and taking a day to not ride. My butt needs a rest!

We've ridden through 110 degree heat of the desert, cooling rains of little storms, ridden with a sinus infection, camped in 49 degree cold, shared campgrounds with bison and bees, slept with ants, tanned and burned our skin to several shades of red and brown ... it's not for everyone for sure! But let me tell you, being that I make a living through pictures I gotta say the shots have been worth it!

It's not always easy to get a minute to sit down and work a bit on the road, but I manage here and there when we're at a campground or hotel (hotels being few and far between).

We've camped and ridden through the plains, the forest, the mountains and the desert. Sometimes we're in a total dead spot where no work is done at all, and that's just how it goes. But boy, the shots I've gotten has been worth all of the heat, the sinus issues, the burns, the butt and leg cramps and the road grime clogging my pores. These are just a couple of shots from the last week ...

Yesterday's plan was to go from Monument Valley to Page to see more canyons, but as Motorcycle Touring goes sometimes, we were derailed with battery problems on the bike. So, instead of heading into more canyons, we made our way to Mike's Bikes in Flagstaff, Arizona to get a new battery on the bike and make sure everything else is still good for a road-worthy bike (which it is now). Mike was a huge help, very friendly and good for a few laughs which were much needed. Since we were derailed, and both Yozef and I were exhausted from the beeline to Flagstaff in the outrageous heat, I kinda put my foot down and said we are checking into a hotel and staying 2 nights because my butt is not getting on that bike for a day!

And so here we are ... it's Saturday and we're at the Ho Jo's in Flagstaff where they have a pool. I'm spending the morning working and getting caught up with pictures and the blog. Gonna make some phone calls to my boys, spend some time poolside, maybe even have an ice cold beer (those have also been few and far between on this ride) while I go through the 7,886 images I've taken so far this trip.

We are 1/2 way through our 6-week camera/motorcycle trip. Where will we be tomorrow? Who knows, let's just see where the camera nd motorcycle take us.

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