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Fri-yay! Cape Perpetua

Friday morning we woke up in Yachats and were only less than 100 miles from our Bunk-a-Biker hosts, so we planned a sightseeing day. We still hadn't seen the whales or seals I'd been hoping to catch, and I certainly didn't have enough beach pictures either LOL

We headed out about 10ish to start our way down the coast throughCape Perpetua. We made several stops and the scenery is just breathtaking. Beyond words!

We even had time to stop and relax on one of the beaches to get our toes in the sand

It was some much needed beach therapy for sure!

After playing on the beach and a few more shot stops, we made our way to the Bunk-a-Biker in North Bend. Our host, Jeremy, and his family were awesome. We set up camp in their yard, chit chatted, they made dinner and we all called it a night feeling more like family than new friends.

When we woke up Saturday morning, we had an additional member in our tent! I should have taken a picture, but was too grossed out. Somehow, a slug got into our tent and was laying on top of our sleeping bag spreading his slug slime snot joyness all over it. Yuck!!!

So, yeah, guess we'll fit a laundromat stop into Saturday's adventures!

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