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Devil's Tower to the Beartooth

Today is Saturday the 13th and we are taking a day off in a comfortable motel in Cody, WY to wait for weather to move on before heading into Yellowstone. It gave me a chance to get some work caught up, copy images over and wash clothes.

Even with missing a few days of shooting, I've managed to take 3,850 images so far in the 1 1/2 weeks we've been out.

After leaving Hulette Wednesday morning, we started making our way back towards the Yellowstone area. We ended up in Hardin for a stay Wednesday night and then continued our journey Thursday morning making it to Red Lodge and then finally through the Beartooth pass.

Most everybody knows that I am afraid of heights so mountains are a bit of a challenge for me, but I was able to brave it and we did go! I was able to get some magnificent pictures as we made our way up the mountain to the top. After a while I even got brave enough to look over the edge myself which is amazing!

We did run into a little bit of weather as we came out of the mountains and made our way into Cody Wyoming where we spent the night at a campground Thursday night. Then weather reports were showing that it was going to be storming in Yellowstone Friday and Saturday, which is where we were supposed to be by then. We decided instead of heading into Yellowstone then, we would go ahead and find a hotel here in Cody to spend Friday and Saturday and then head to Yellowstone on Sunday when the weather supposed to be bright and sunshiny. It would just suck to be in Yellowstone and not be able to take pictures because of thunderstorms. I'm glad we made that decision, too, because just watching the clouds on the other side of Cody it is dark in Yellowstone.

So I've been able to work on the laptop today going through the thousands of images I've gotten so far. And, of course I wouldn't be me if some of those images didn't include cows 😁

So, now, after the weather passes through Yellowstone we will be heading there tomorrow morning. The plan is to scoot around Yellowstone with the camera tomorrow and Monday and staying at a campground while we're there. We won't have much for cell service, not sure if we'll get close enough to lodges for Wi-Fi, but I'll do my best to keep in touch with everyone. I can't wait to see what pictures I get in week 3 since week two is almost over. More to come soon!

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