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Breakfast at the border

Well after a night of absolutely no cellular service whatsoever at Garvin Park in Minnesota, it was a very cold morning at the campground waking up. So we went ahead and packed up and got on the road to head for South Dakota. We did make some coffee before we left so there was that, and we figured we would just stop somewhere and eat on the side of the road closer to South Dakota.

We hit the road about 8:45 a.m. after some very strong coffee and here we are now right at the South Dakota border! We had to improvise with breakfast a little bit, we picked up some peaches and cream cups at the dollar store but our spoons were packed too deep in the trailer LOL Yozef being the creative one he is, improvised some spoons out of the cardboard that the cups came in so we could at least down some food. So we're going to take a bit of a butt break here at the border and get on the road again but we are officially in South Dakota!

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