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Boise National Forest and into Hell's Canyon

After leaving Arco last Friday, we made our way into the Boise National Forest. It was another hot day, but luckily it's heavily forested so at least we had shade! We decided on camping the night in Deadwood Campground, but when we stopped by a hot dog stand in the middle of nowhere (RiverDawgs), he told us Pine Flats was better and had a hot spring.

So, we were lucky enough to get the last open spot at Pine Flats for the night. Yozef went and spent some time in the spring, but honestly it was too hot out for me to feel like taking a hit bath LOL. We did get a comfortable sleep that night, though, and set out early Saturday morning.

Saturday's ride was so hot, long and miserable to be honest. We came out of the forest and into the canyons along the Salmon River. The sun was scorching us, no trees, no shade. No wonder it's called Hell's Canyon! It was a beautiful scenery but it's hard to enjoy when you're dying on a hot bike! LOL

Saturday night we were able to find a private campground that was tent friendly, Swiftwater RV Park near Whit Bird, just before we exceeded our tolerance. They put us right above the river so we had a spectacular view and sound of the river all night. The sunset was astonishing to see.

Sunday morning we set out early again to try and get our miles in before the heat. We stopped in a little diner, Red's Cafe, for breakfast and prepare ourselves for the 100 degree weather expected. I wasn't looking forward to it, but unfortunately it just comes with the ride.

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