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Ansel Adams Was Here!

Tuesday morning, rhe 16th, we packed up and left Yellowstone to head to the Tetons. Now, being in such a magnificent place as Yellowstone, it wasn't meant to be my highlight. Yeah, it was awesome to be at the Upper Falls and snap a shot like Ansel Adams, but the pinnacle for me was to be at the Snake River in front of the Grand Teton to capture what Ansel Adams had so many years ago.

Grand Teton Park isn't that big, but it took us a good bit to find the location. But boy, when we got there I couldn't believe what was in front of me. What an amazing moment for me! I was where Ansel Adams had been!!! Taking pictures! Of the Snake River into the Tetons! I never dreamed as a child that I would have this moment, yet, there I was!

I was so beyond giddy!

After our moment with the Grand Teton we continued through the park trying to find a campground with no luck. Our initial plan was to meet with a Bunk-a-biker at the South end of the Tetons, but due to circumstances beyond their control they had to cancel. Being that all the campgrounds were full, we found a cute little roadside motel in Jackson for the night.

After checking in and getting cleaned up, we met a salesman from Minnesota who was there with his grandson and we all walked downtown for dinner. What awesome people! I will never forget Mark and Ben for sure!

Wednesday morning's plan was to rise early and get on the road towards Craters of the Moon before the extreme heat set in. I'll tell you more soon!

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