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A new day from Minnesota

I didn't have a good enough signal last night to post, so I'm updating this morning from the McDonald's in Owatonna, MN.

Yesterday we made good time getting to Winona at the Mississippi River so decided to keep going west. We did about 250 miles and got into Rice Lake State Park.

I gotta say, I rather like the campgrounds. It's real basic, but they have showers and stuff. The office was closed, but one of the rangers, Joel, came outside to help us get registration information. So helpful and friendly!

We hunkered down while thunderstormsmoved in overnight.

We fared the storms well, no damage, no water leaks. This morning we packed up and are continuing west! I've now added Rice Lake to my favorites and hope maybe sometime to stay there again.

It's gonna be a HOT day, so here we go again.

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