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A bunk a biker story

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

This day is August 11th 2021. We had set out from a hotel, decided to ride the Great River Road, wind was quite strong all day long. I was wondering if my motorcycle was going to fall apart thinking that we're going uphill in the wind all day long, all I can say is that day was brutal.

Did make our first Contact for a bunk a biker of this trip and we're in Iowa we met some wonderful folks who accommodated us for an evening and had some dinner With Linda and Linden. Got a good night's sleep and took off on the road again, noticed a storm front and decided to take a different route which lead us into western Iowa. This storm system kept growing and not allowing us to go southerly as we wanted to. We did end up going south from the westside of Iowa finally got into Missouri to another Bunk-a-biker biker. I reached out to this gentleman who said we're welcome to his camper and also then stated that we can have a complimentary dinner at a Sonic restaurant, now here's the thing these hosts were not even home they let us into their brand new camper and a complimentary dinner and we did not even get to meet, which I wanted to because they would be amazing people, that is the Bunk-a-biker community.

Today is Friday the 13th and we decided to take a casual ride without a real solid destination we were trying to avoid another rainstorm going through Missouri. We ended up finding some quite amazing riding roads that were twisty turny and smooth. So at the end of today we found a campground got a hot shower and we're going to have cupcakes for dinner and some Pringles. The sun has just poked out for this evening the clouds are gone and we should have an amazing ride tomorrow hoping that we can at least touch part of Route 66 and start heading west.

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