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3...2...1... Blast off!!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

And we're off!! Today's the day, and we're on our way!

All my gear is packed up thanks to the wonderful advice, tips and tricks I got from other motorcycle campers on the Facebook Motorcycle Camping page. I invested in a heavy duty Pelican laptop case to protect my computing electronics from melting.

And in true Tamra fashion I decked it all out ...

For my cameras, I'm taking two of the three for this trip. I bought two LowePro compact bags, one large and one small. They were very reasonably priced as far as gear goes and fit perfectly!

I'm keeping them stowed for the first day since there's potential of running into rain today. Usually they'd be around my neck but do I really need more Wisconsin pictures anyway?!?!

Everything is packed in the trailer and saddlebags, snug, and it's a hot one so perfect riding!

We'll be stopping later today, so I'll post some pics and videos (plus making videos for my boys and grandbabies).

Here goes!!!

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